the great Luke Ski (lukeski) wrote in thegreatlukeski,
the great Luke Ski

Cyber Monday sale at Luke Ski's new Bandcamp page!

Hey everyone! Allow me to officially launch my new Bandcamp page…

To celebrate that, I have dropped all my CD & MP3 album prices to $7.99 for single CDs, and $11.99 for 2-CD sets and DVDs! I also marked down the "Bad Rapport" podcast CDs to $5.99 for the '11/'12 2-CD set, or just $2.99 for the 2012 CD! And I have the last 3 of the "Bacon: Shut Up!" t-shirts (Size Large) for $6.99. These are limited time offers, not guaranteed to last past 11:59:59 pm on Monday, December 2nd, so take advantage of this offer while you can!

Another amazing deal there is The Ultimate Luke Ski CD “Box Set”, which contains one of every piece of physical media I’m currently selling at my live shows, all for $100! I only have ONE these sets left, so if you’d like to snag it for yourself or as a gift for a friend, get it quick.

Also, the Luke Ski Phase 1 USB Drive is finally for sale via the web. It has 320k MP3 versions all of my main albums, plus bonus tracks (including “When You Wish Upon A Death Star”), plus “Worst Tribute Ever”, all for just $50!

And finally, I’ve whipped up a new digital compilation of all my holiday tracks on one MP3 album, “The Fanboy Christmas Collection”! It’s got 6 tracks, 40 minutes of geeky holiday goodness, all for just $4.99! You probably already own all of these tracks, but you can always share the link to the collection with your nerdy friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media!

Well, that's everything! Thanks for reading, and enjoy my new Bandcamp page! :D

~ Luke Ski, 12/2/2013

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