the great Luke Ski (lukeski) wrote in thegreatlukeski,
the great Luke Ski

Please REQUEST 'When You Wish Upon A Death Star' by Luke Ski for 'The Dr. Demento Show' today!

Sadly, "When You Wish Upon A Death Star" did not make The Dr. Demento Show's Top Ten for August 2013. It's still hanging in there stong as the 4th most requested song of the year according to the unofficial fan tallies! Now that the new MUSIC VIDEO for the song has been posted on my YouTube page, hopefully this will result in a resurgance of fan support. So please help me out by putting in a REQUEST for "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A DEATH STAR" at TODAY, and be sure to INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so it counts towards the Top Ten tabulations!

And as always, you can listen to the show every week at . I always do, and you should to. :)
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